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OCdesigns, llc

Is your website keeping eyes glued to the pages?

You have about 15 seconds to capture and engage your prospective customers, clients, leads, or whomever you need to reach for your next sale.

To understand what your company logo, message, and vision are, you need to have a website that accurately conveys that. Custom designed websites create customer confidence by sharing your expertise, vision, and message.

We create beautiful, modern, custom website designs that are perfect for small businesses just getting started or non-profit organizations.

Web design

We provide a variety of customized web designs specific for your small business or non-profit branding and services while maximizing SEO potential.


Brand development is essential for establishing your company's presence. Building your brand around your core values ensures your brand is promoted properly.

Logo design

Part of having a recognizable brand begins with your logo design. Color, typography, size, style, image, and name or initials should all be thought about in the design of a logo.

Working Process

Our process from idea to completion is complex but fun!

We keep you in the loops with open conversations to learn more about your style and how to best convey that to your prospects. 

Check out some of our work by clicking ‘view portfolio.’

Meet the Team

Designs by mom and daughter.

Ajaye Lee

Web Designer & Consultant

A long-time freelance designer and website builder, Ajaye enjoys working with non-profits and women who are just launching their businesses or still new in the field. Her passion is inspiring and helping those who need to build not just a business, but also confidence in their journeys.

Malina Nash

Logo Creator & Illustrator

Savannah College Art & Design graduate, Malina brings her creative spirit into each project our clients envision. She is able to pull from years of dedication to her craft to design with inspiration and fluidity.

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